Our manifesto of circular principles

The furniture industry is a traditional sector. Furniture has been made in the same way for decades. A wooden and/or metal construction with springs or straps, foams and a fixed covering, that is the standard recipe. Often suitable for just a single application, always heavy and sometimes somewhat modular, but not easy to adapt or maintain. Many pieces of furniture have progressed as much as the fax machine.

After a few years, a seat or sofa has usually reached its retirement age. Damage, soiled upholstery, color differences or being out of fashion mean that the best is gone. Of course, the lifespan is highly dependent on the quality.

In the lowest - and largest - segment, inferior products with a very limited lifespan are produced continuously. The middle segment performs a little better and the top segment does produce a high-quality product that lasts longer, but is also more fashionable. When moving house or changing the interior, the sofa often no longer fits in the new situation. And the residual value of the sofa? That is often zero, apart from a few design classics. All this causes a lot of waste of materials and damage to the environment.

Moduplus, a Dutch brand and product, has now developed a modular seating system that must overcome all the disadvantages of existing systems and constructions. Moduplus is created for a lifetime of re-use. A seating system with an infinite lifespan and possibilities and the least impact on the environment. That makes sitting a lot more comfortable in different ways.

Innovative thinking

For an innovative product, it is necessary to think from scratch and to break away from traditional production processes and techniques. The design must consist of a small number of parts and be multifunctional. Applicability in both the project and consumer market is a hard requirement, so that the elements can be used widely.

The matrix

Initially, a matrix system was developed, based on a seating element and a handrail, whereby the linking of the two parts offers an almost unlimited number of possible configurations. An unconventional material was chosen for the construction of these two elements: the plastic EPP (Expanded Poly Propylene). It is lightweight, durable, very strong and easy to shape and recycle. Moreover, the material is completely waterproof.

In a mould, this plastic is steam-formed into a technical foam. The great advantage is that this creates a very strong and durable material that does not release any harmful gases. EPP is completely stable, does not age and can be re-used infinitely. The amount of energy and raw material we use for this is less than that required to make the same construction from wood. This plastic base has a pattern of holes in it into which leg and coupling pieces can be inserted without the user needing to use any tools. In this way, the elements stay perfectly in place and there are no visible attachment points. The covering also remains fully intact all around and is not interrupted by screws or construction parts.

The modules are built up in layers. Parts subject to wear and tear, such as the top layer of seat foam, are easy to replace. The service life of the system is therefore virtually unlimited. Two elements, endless possibilities.

Endless possibilities

From now on, Moduplus is all that is needed to create a unique seating group or sofa. An armchair, daybed or seating island - or any other imaginable creation - can be created with ease. The seating system can be upholstered with any type of (C2C) upholstery fabric, leather or outdoor fabric and in any desired color combination.

A special strip system ensures that the upholstery of the elements can easily be changed or cleaned. The furniture can be attached to each other easily and if a new setting is required, this can be done quickly and without tools. The brackets and legs are available in different heights, allowing the user to determine the seating height. Thanks to the limited basic dimensions, the system is also very suitable for the urban environment with limited living space.

Timeless and versatile

Moduplus is a durable seating system, designed and made for life-long use. The design is minimalistic, devoid of frills and therefore able to survive all trends. It can be restyled endlessly and, at the end of its long lifecycle, the materials can be separated and re-used.

Because EPP basic elements are lightweight and easy to handle, transport and handling are easy, cheap and energy-efficient. Due to the limited basic dimensions, the system can even be delivered by a standard parcel service, thus avoiding special furniture transports.

The Moduplus collection can be extended to include lighting, coffee tables and tables for laptops and tablets. Moduplus is therefore flexible and can be used in every space: homes or residences, offices, waiting rooms, galleries/museums and even on the terrace. Even the urban environments where relatively small spaces have to be furnished, Moduplus is a solution with a huge plus!

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